Mission Statement

We are a traveling, fun-loving, single-income, Korean+American family of four living in a moderately high priced area of the United States.  Our family motto in Korean is kungjungee maum, which means “positive heart” and encompasses the spirit of love in our family.

Diana, the mom, is the main writer of the blog.  She works in education and loves reading, writing, hiking, and exercise.  Min, a full-time dad, lived in Korea until marrying Diana and moving to the U.S. to be near her family of origin.  He used to be a computer programmer, but his passions are soccer, music, and hiking.  J (son) is 6 and loves building, science, and sports.  H (daughter) is 3 and loves singing, dancing, and books.

We began this blog because living as a single-income family in this area is challenging.  Our family loves to find ways to enjoy life and travel that don’t involve spending lots of money.  Sharing that passion for life and enjoyment while working to become consumer debt free (by the start of 2020) in two years is the plan.  We believe that life can be richer without spending more money.  Enjoy our journey!