Free Fun Family Apr 5 2019

Welcome to the weekly update! (You can read how my updates, started on Sundays and moving to Fridays in the first one).


The garden keeps growing! I’m very excited for our CSA to begin in May, but for now, the YMCA’s Produce Market is filling a fun gap and adjusting my cooking/grocery shopping around in season, available fruits and veggies.

We’ve been pretty good about packing meals/snacks when we go out for a walk or to visit a place most of the time, but this week I made myself become aware of my slowly-creeping-spending on coffee/treats/snacks while out and about. I need to run every purchase I make through the values-alignment standard. Honestly? Dunkin Donuts, while delicious, doesn’t make the cut.


Outdoor walks are a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. They are also wonderfully frugal fun! Finally the great weather has returned to our part of the world consistently enough to make my children suggest we spend time outdoors. Our HOA repaired the tot-lot (playground) closest to our house (just in time for pool season in a month–yay!). We’ve enjoyed the blossoming flowers and emergent wildlife in our neighborhood. Spring is grand!

Our snake friend agrees with the positive assessment of the weather!


J had two accomplishments this week: he competed at the state level for Destination Imagination and passed his taekwondo test for green belt. Furthermore, some part of his reader-brain switched on, and I cannot seem to sate his voracious consumption of books. He especially loves Dav Pilkey’s works at the moment (Captain Underpants and Dog Man). Thank goodness for public libraries where we can check out endless books. I cannot fathom the cost of raising the reader I’d like to raise if I had to buy all of the books he needed.


I’ve been researching intermittent fasting as a means of controlling my blood sugars and simplifying my dietary habits for a few months, but have been on the fence about trying it. Last week, I had to fast for bloodwork labs and realized I wasn’t starving like a crazy person if I skipped breakfast. I have continued mostly eating with the 16:8 model of IF since that time (a few days I haven’t, a few days it’s been more like 14:10, but pretty good). I noticed that I feel more appreciative and mindful of the food I do eat, that the hours before breaking my fast are quite mentally acute, and that it has helped me control the quality and amount of my food more than other “diets” I have tried. I like these results, so I will continue to examine its effect on my blood sugar control and weight management.

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