Free Fun Family Feb 3 2019

A bit late posting today–but still here for your Sunday review.

Welcome to my Free Fun Family weekly Sunday update. You can read the first update, where I explain this series in more detail, here. Each week, I’ll recap some general goings on in our world and focus specifically on the topics I love to blog about the most. The “free” will review a money/frugality win, “fun” will review something enjoyable I did/accomplished, and “family” will report on family doings.


The State of Maryland has already sent my refund–hurray!

I picked up a bag of vegetables through a the new Produce in a SNAP site at the Frederick YMCA Teaching Kitchen. The program is part of Hungry Harvest, a company that rescues imperfect produce (see my beautifully malformed carrots above) and sells it at reduced cost in urban food desert sites. I was very pleased with the quality/cost of the produce and being able to support a community initiative. I will probably shop there again in the future.


More snow this week made for wintry fun, but also some crazy school schedules. I don’t get time at home on snow days anymore (as an administrator), but I still made some memories on afternoon walks and snowball fights.

I also had a lovely date night with Min at our local swing dance First Saturday downtown. Overall, it’s been a wonderful week.


We began a chores chart with money attached to the different chores.
(See H completing her chore of watering the plants in her unicorn pajamas.) I was inspired after reading Smart Money, Smart Kids, co-written by Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze. Our kids are digging it so far, and our house is cleaner. I may post more about it if it keeps working out.


I’m trying a workout every day challenge this week. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a great first week of February.

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