Declutter December Challenge: 31 days, 496 things

I have written before about my interest in minimalism and some of my challenges in undertaking the project of decluttering in a meaningful, significant way.  One of the earlier blogs I followed when I was learning about minimalism was Becoming Minimalist.  I always enjoyed Joshua Becker’s patient, invitational, caring voice in his writing about minimalism.  While he is a convert who sings the praises and the promise of minimalism, he never feels as judgmental or extreme in his zeal as some other bloggers who write on the same topics.  However, now that I have a family, I have begun to appreciate Becker’s advice in a whole new light.

I just finished reading his book The More of Less.  I am feeling inspired by his words and his call to action.  I have been making excuses not to get started because I am afraid of realizing just how disconnected I have become from my own desire to own less and enjoy the things I value more.  However, through my meditation, I am becoming more accepting of who I am.  This is giving me permission to examine the parts of myself I believe do not relate to what I value and who I really want to be (not who I aspire to be–which is not who I am).

The combination of these ideas has made me commit to ridding my house of things I do not need, want, use, or enjoy in December.  I’d like to get rid of one item on December 1, two items on December 2, and so on until December 31.  This way, I can start small, but build momentum.  At the end of the month, I will have rid my house of 496 items.  I feel that this exercise pairs nicely with the old song “On the first day of Christmas…”

I will give myself the gift of freedom this holiday season.  Anyone care to join me?

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