Debt Elimination Project–October

October marked the beginnings of my journey into meditation and mindfulness.  I believe that this practice is very powerfully linked with how balanced and comfortable I felt about my progress financially this month.  I am spending more time observing my feelings and less time letting them control my behaviors and habits.

Progress from October:

  • Began a shopping ban.  I was unhappy with my spending on fast food, so I decided no more of that through the end of the year.  Also no clothes items of any kind for me.  Will consider how I’m allowed to replace items for 2019.
  • Getting more serious about controlling food waste and gardening.  I finally started a bin to compost food scraps, a freezer bag for veggie stock scraps, and improving the habit of remembering to put fruit/veggie waste there.  Min has become really interested in gardening the last few months, both kitchen scrap regrowth and now the purchase of some indoor “kits” to grow sprouts.  I read Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food which has a simple premise, “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants.”  However, his analysis of the food industry has me thinking about how food consumption connects to wastefulness and consumer culture in general.  This may be a future post.
  • Preparing for my (first ever) “business trip”.  I love to travel, but I’ve never had a job before that would pay for me to go somewhere else.  I’ll be attending a national conference in San Antionio, Texas at the start of November.  While business travel expenses are mostly reimbursed, it would be easy to go over allowed expenses if not planned.  I’m very excited!  One of my hopes is that in the future I can pair this annual conference with a vacation for my family.  One more reason to get out of debt, ASAP.
  • Progress on Credit Cards.  Here are the numbers for the end of October:
    • Home Improvement Loan: $1,800.00
    • AmEx: $7,600.00
    • Balance Transfer 1 (0% for 9 more months): $2,891.00
    • Balance Transfer 2 (0% for 12 more months): $8,950.00
    • TOTAL: $21,241.00
    • Amount paid off this month: $916.33 (my highest since March!)
    • Amount paid off TOTAL: $9,715.00

My goal for November is to hit the over $1,000 paid off in a single month, and of course more than $10,000 total.  I am on track to achieve both of those goals very soon!

Goals for November:

  1. Daily meditation and journal.
  2. Continue to add $100 back to the Emergency Fund for each of my second job paychecks until it is fully replenished to $1000 (it’s almost there).
  3. Shopping ban and fast food ban–continue it.
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