Challenge Day Sixteen: Frederick Swing Dance

Performing a dance at our wedding in Daegu, Korea.

I started swing dance (lindy hop) in 2007, shortly before I met Min.  On the day of our first date (hiking), I had plans to go to a big swing dance party in downtown Daegu after the date.  Our daytime date went so well, Min wanted to continue the date, so I told him about my plans and asked if he wanted to come.  He did not know what to expect, but he ended up liking it as much as I did and took lessons with my swing dance club.  We’ve been enjoying dancing together since then.  Our 2010 wedding even took place in our local swing club!

When we moved to the U.S. later that year, we hoped to continue our shared hobby, but we always lived 40+ minutes away from the closest swing dance clubs/lessons.  After we had kids, it was very hard to justify that distance for regular dates, so we didn’t have as much chance to dance together regularly.  We went a couple times to some DC events with Gottaswing, but not often enough for it to be a regular event for us.

Finally, in 2016, Mark and Danae Tavenner began teaching lessons in Frederick through Gottaswing, and have continued to build the Frederick Swing community with monthly dances on the first Saturday of each month.  It’s local, affordable ($5), and fun!  Min and I go to the social dances just about every month (although this month, he can’t join me), and have taken a round or two of the intermediate lessons (less frugal, but worth it for the enjoyment, exercise, and benefit to our relationship).

I will go tonight.  I love getting to see my friends and develop a skill while getting some exercise.  I recommend social dance to anyone looking for a hobby that is active and naturally builds friends (one of the reasons I started when I was single and living in a new city).  It makes a fantastic date night for us, too, and we took our kids last time–they seem hooked as well.

If you are local to Frederick, I highly recommend giving swing dance a chance.  You won’t regret it!

Tomorrow’s Challenge: Prepare the House for Vacation

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